In Texas Observer:

Cultural coverage and book reviews

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I’m a regular contributor to Texas Observer, where I’ve written about Mark Rothko’s HoustonWillie Nelson and the War on Drugs, art-making in the Anthropocene, and more. I write a bi-monthly culture column and feature-length coverage of film, books, and the visual arts in Texas.

In Slate:

Essay series on archival culture in the digital age


I’ve written three related longform essays for Slate: What Will Become of the Paper Book?, What Will Become of the Library?, and The Image in the 21st Century. All three are designed for reading online and serve as archives unto themselves, with extensive links and illustrations.

This is a trilogy… for now.

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In Austin Chronicle:

Film/media/tech coverage and reviews

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Click here to see my coverage of upcoming films for my hometown alt-weekly. I also sometimes write book and film reviews.

For about a year (2014-2015) I wrote an advice column for Austin Chronicle called Help Desk. RIP.

In The Atlantic, WSJ, Texas Monthly, and more:

Freelance culture and technology features

For Atlantic, I’ve written about Sinead O’Connor’s prescient but misunderstood protest against child abuse in the Catholic Church, the sad decline of Hollywood Westerns in the era of multiculturalism, and Larry McMurtry’s heralding of the end of an era for used book sellers.

For Wall Street Journal, I covered a group of prominent computer scientists speaking out about the security risks of online voting. For Texas Monthly, I wrote a dispatch from South by Southwest’s Startup Village. The list goes on…

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Atlantic: How the Western Was Lost, and Why It Matters

The Redemption of Sinead O’Connor

The Last Book Sale: An Era Ends for an Author, a Town, and a Culture

“Girls,” “Mad Men,” and the Future of TV-as-literature

Los Angeles Review of Books: Life During Wartime

Slate: The Image in the 21st Century

What Will Become of the Library?

What Will Become of the Paper Book?

Wall Street Journal: Will the Next Election Be Hacked?




Texas Monthly: To Live and Die in Startup Village

Texas Observer: Photos of Dystopia

Houston’s Absent Son (Mark Rothko)

Here Are All 21 Mass Shootings ‘Good Guys with Guns’ Didn’t Stop in 2015

Catching Up with Janis

Narco Violence, as Seen by a Journalist-Turned-Artist

The Great Mellowing: God, Willie Nelson, and the increasingly thinkable pipe dream of marijuana reform

Now You See It: Artist Mel Chin revisits home in Houston

Visiting the LBJ Library in the Shadow of Selma

Forgetting How to Read? Stop Reading Online



Austin Chronicle: Kill the Trumpet Player

Cowboys and Indies

Labors of Love (and Money)

Alfonso and Thomas and The Dying Girl

Andrew Bujalski Pumps Up with Results

The Showalter State (Hello My Name is Doris)

Writing the Frontier (The Homesman)

The Golden Ages of Matthew Weiner

Austin Monthly: Waiting His Turn

Thinking Outside the Box



Help Desk (defunct)




Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Operation Avalache

Upstairs Inferno

Variations on a Rectangle by DJ Stout


Funny Bunny

Son of the Congo

Ghost Horse by Thomas McNeely

Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce

Heli and Summer of the Flying Fish

Cesar Chavez

After Dinner Declarations by Nicanor Parra

America America by Ethan Canin

The Second Plane by Martin Amis

Dangerous Laughter by Stephen Millhauser

Autonauts of the Cosmoroute by Julio Cortazar



Contributions to Alcalde (UT-Austin), UT Law, UCLA Law, USC Trojan Family Magazine, Swarthmore College Bulletin, Colgate Scene, Trinity College Magazine, and Columbia College Today. Samples upon request.